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Thirty year experienced boat builder and 25 years US Coast Guard Yacht Captain, Borman's work and expertise has been sub-contracted to many top national boatbuilders.

His work has been featured in over one hundred magazines around the world including: American Society of Naval Engineers paper (Oceanair design), Ship Management International, Extreme Boats, HotBoat, Poker Runs, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science (as well as articles in science magazines in Norway, London, Hong Kong, and South Korea), Powerboat (front cover and feature article), seen on all three major national television networks, had his work on display at The Thomas Edison Laboratory Museum, and has appeared on ESPN2, the Travel Channel, Discovery Channel (multiple features), Science Channel, Japanese, French, and Italian television, and the US SpeedVision.

Borman has developed multiple concept boats, personally financed and singlehandedly spearheaded many ground-breaking projects, led software and hardware model building and testing. Through these he has organized and managed a large number of volunteer engineers and technicians many of whom are at, or are retired from NASA, US Navy, Los Alamos, Grumman Aerospace, Lockheed, Martin Marietta and a myriad of other organizations.


In addition, he has extensive long distance ocean cruising experience, performed charter work as US Coast Guard yacht captain safely guarding thousands of passengers, and enjoyed post as Vice President and Construction Committee Chairman, Florida Keys chapter, Habitat for Humanity.

David was invited to present basic technology to the American Society of Naval Engineers conference on High Speed High Performance Craft. He was also invited to Washington to brief congressman serving on US Coast Guard sub-committee. Mr. Borman served as President and CEO International Maritime Flight Dynamics Inc.

Oceanair Technology was honored with nomination by PhD’s of the International Academy of Science as one of top four transport technologies of the year. Project was placed on par with fellow nominees including the multi-billion $ J-35 Joint Strike fighter, a $200 mil. supersonic business jet proposal, and an MIT designed lifting-body airliner concept.

Membership entry into the Academy is precluded by either a PhD, or having reached the pinnacle of achievement in one’s chosen field (in the eyes of the highly esteemed scientists of the Academy).

The nomination Most Outstanding New Technology of the Year Award, 2007, International Academy of Science, was for our underlying Oceanair X-Press technology.

Mr. Borman designed, built, and captained his personal yacht Starship Voyager on a 3000 mile round trip from the Florida Keys to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and back.

While in the Outer Banks he partnered with an existing water sports operation to run two to three hour long day trips on the Inland waters of Currituck Sound. While generating significant local media interest Starship Voyager managed to book and carry over one thousand three hundred paying passengers in less than 65 operating days.


Tom worked for over 20 years in finance on Wall Street, built a multi faceted hospitality company that continues to be a force in the wedding and restaurant industry, developed a hovercraft transport company, that is currently servicing the growing tourism industry in Alaska.

In addition, Tom holds a USCG Merchant Mariner Credential and a Canadian Certified Hovercraft Instructor's License.

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